Why do we Pray?


Why do we pray?

We often Pray because we want God to fulfil a need for us. We often pray because we need doors to be opened. We often pray because of situations that take place in our lives that we want to get rid of.  But prayer is food for our spiritual man. He lives within us and often times we forget that most important thing in our lives. Prayer carries us through daily situations that we face. It is important to pray everyday. Not some days, but every. So let us not forget that Prayer is substance for us and it builds our character in Jesus Christ


Life is a Gift from God

Life is a Gift from God. Sometimes we take it lightly. But God is good that He gave us Grace and He kept and still is keeping us until we die. Sometimes we hurt and we ask why? But we can’t stop that. We will hurt, but when we do, will we brush it off or keep holding unto it? We have choices to make and the choices we make all depends on our outcomes. So whatever choices we make, lets make some good ones.

Life is also one big road with lots of signs on it. It has signs telling you the directions of which you should take. Some are trap you and some are to make you free. But which will you take? It all depends. So with all the challenges that life has to offer you, just go with the flow. Pray and seek God for the strength at all times. So enjoy your life without comparing it with another.

God Bless